Sunday, January 25, 2009

Early baseball card ads follow up

I need to give more credit to the Sporting Life ads posts (here and here).  

Scot A. Reader's Inside T206 is a great primer and useful roadmap for understanding these iconic cards.  The book(let)/paper (I'm not sure how it is classified) can be downloaded as a .pdf file through the T206

I finished reading it on Friday.  He mentions these ads in the Sporting Life, but doesn't include any images in his paper.  A quick websearch (and a bit of a decent memory) pointed me to

I do wish that Mr. Reader would have included a few images (of these ads, but mostly of the backs of the cards which I find almost as intriguing as the fronts.  A few photos of the fronts of the cards wouldn't hurt, either.)

I'm not being critical in the catty sort of way, just my thoughts.  And I wanted to let both my readers know that I don't come up with this stuff on my own.

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