Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm half the man

of Nick, over at Dime Boxes.  Why?  Because I raided the nickel box.

I had a few free minutes yesterday so I stopped at the local Antiques and Collectibles Mall in south Knoxvegas.   I was looking for a racing collectibles magazine.  I found one, but that's another post.  I did find the nickel box.  Let's take a look at a few.

Tony, just a few years removed from managing in Knoxville.

1981 Donruss
Tony LarRussa (card # 402)

I was able to get four of the five checklists for that set.  They are unmarked and really crisp.  I don't need them, I just couldn't pass them up.

1981 Donruss
Checklist #1 (card # NNO-1)

Oh, there was a mess of Nolan Ryans.  A mess of them, I tell you.  And I got them all.  I'm putting together a trade package for a Ryan collector.  The early 1990s Pacific Ryan sets are goofy.  Goofy, I tell you.

1992 Pacific Nolan Ryan Series 2
100th National League Win (card # 150)

I'd never seen the Conlon cards in anything other than a black border.  There are 47 cards in this set, with various print runs and production years.

1994 The Sporting News - Conlon Collection
Color Inserts
Hughie Jennings (card #25)

I'm not a fan of the 1986 Topps set.   They phoned it in.  Or faxed it in, maybe.  But when I stumble across a signed Schrom, I can't get that nickel out of my pocket fast enough.

1986 Topps
Ken Schrom (card # 71)

I picked up about 50 cards. I think that Nick would be proud.


  1. Very cool cards. I've only found a few nickel boxes over the years, but you can certainly unearth a few gems like the ones you found.

    I love that Conlon Color Hughie Jennings card!

  2. The only reason I love the '86 set is because those were the first cards I ever collected. Kirby Puckett's '86 was actually the first card I ever pulled out of a pack. Sweet deal for a then-budding Twins fan, even if the cards are historically atrocious looking. I love 'em!