Thursday, March 8, 2012

1994 Ted Williams - Negro League cards

I think that I meant to scan and share these cards last month in honor of Black History Month.  But I didn't.  Here you go. 

Toni Stone is the subject of the Martha Ackman biography, Curveball.  Here are links to the NPR interview with Ackman and the Radcliffe Quarterly article.  I got to meet and hear Martha Ackman a few years ago at the Jerry Malloy Conference that was held in Birmingham.  Yes, I bought the book.  No, I haven't yet read it.

1994 Ted Williams
Toni Stone (card # 112)

I selected the George Wilson card because the image hadn't been added to Zistle.  That has been corrected.  Gary Ashwill has a nice post on George Wilson.

1994 Ted Williams
George Wilson (card # 115)

Checklists sometimes get overlooked.  This one is a bit dark, but the scan turned out decent.  Again, another image that Zistle didn't have.

1994 Ted Williams
Checklist (card # 117)

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  1. How to explain that face Toni Stone is making? Do you think she was a Monica Seles on the mound, grunting as she released a pitch? I've known softball pitchers to do that. In fact I wrote a story about one who did.