Monday, March 5, 2012

Dale Murphy Oddballs

Michael Schecter Associates was everywhere in the 1980s. Here are two non MLB licensed issues.

The True Value cards came in panels of three with a purchase of $5 or more.  Dale shared his panel with Robin Yount and Tom Seaver.  There are worse guys to get paneled with, I guess.  I'm thinking Buddy Bell and Bill Madlock.
1986 True Value Super Stars
Dale Murphy (card # 10)

This 1st Annual Collector's Edition was also the Last Annual Collector's Edition.  A mail in set of 24 cards.
1988 Chef Boyardee
Dale Murphy (card # 17)


  1. awesome.

    and a lot better airbrushing than in most food issues.

  2. Seriously... is there anything better than 80's oddball issues? Awesome cards!

  3. Sweet! I have the Chef-Boyardee set at my parent's house. Still in the cardboard mailer it came in and un-"cut".