Saturday, November 5, 2011

More Women on Cards for the Night Owl

I'm not going to clutter this up with a bunch of words. Well, maybe a few. I went to the Antiques and Collectibles store in south KnoxVegas this afternoon while running errands. I dropped a whole 80¢ on these cards. Marilyn Green was the first Miss Winston Cup. 1971 was the year. Now they have have a bevy of young lasses to be the Miss Sprint Cup.

1991 Pro Set - Legends
Marilyn Green (card # L6)

1992 Pro Set - Legends
Marilyn Green (card # L17)

1991 Pro Set
Miss Winston/Beth Bruce (card # 27)

1991 Pro Set
Miss Winston/Renee White (card # 125)

1991 MAXX - Red
Shawna Robinson (card # 65)

Enough women with long, flowing hair.  Now on to some guys that have long, flowing hair.

1994 Action Packed
Kyle Petty and Aerosmith (card # 95)

According to the back of Derrike Cope's card "A knee injury had ruined his his chances at a professional baseball career".  Derrike was the Daytona 500 winner in 1990.

1994 Press Pass
Derrike Cope art card (card # 138)

And finally a card for my wife.  This Raybestos car was driven by Jeff Burton, her favorite driver.

1994 Action Packed
Jeff Burton car (card # 125)
Don't look at that last one too long.  Go back to looking at the long haired beauties.

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  1. Lovin' the two Pro Set Marilyn Green cards... she is gorgeous!