Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NASCAR's Season is Over

The NASCAR season finished up on Sunday.  Tony Stewart was crowned the champion, dethroning Jimmie Johnson.  Johnson has held the title for the past five seasons.  There's a streak for you.  Probably will never be equaled.

During my trip to Chicago this summer I stopped at a Target to pick up some snacks and a wedding card.  What do you know, they had their bargain-bin-o-cards.  You know the one.  $1.59 a pack.  I picked up five packs of 2010 Press Pass Premium.  I don't have any Tony Stewart cards to show you.  My brother is a fan of Tony so he got the three cards of 'Smoke' that I pulled and two of the packs.

2010 Press Pass Premium
Jimmy Johnson - Preseason Thunder (card # 82)

By now you should know that my wife's favorite driver is Jeff Burton.  Only pulled one of his cards.  With racing cards I've noticed that the manufacturers show the drivers, the cars, the owners, crew chiefs, and sometimes the pit crews or a memorable moment of the season.  Here's Jeff's car.

2010 Press Pass Premium
Jeff Burton - Passing Game (card # 79)

And to keep Night Owl happy, here's a card with Danica.  This is a retail only subset.  If you line the back of the four cards up you get a photo of Danica.  The backside of this one is the frontside of her backside.  I felt it would be a bit creepy for me just to show that.

2010 Press Pass Premium
Danica Patric - Retail Insert (card # DP-3/4)
I'll forget about NASCAR until early next February when my wife starts planning our Sunday afternoons around when the race is on.

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