Friday, June 26, 2009

Wines for Baseball and Other Sports

While doing some background research for blog posts I came across a site that pairs fine wines with great charities. has created wines for a variety of sports including football, hockey and wrestling. Artist Jonathan Banchick did a number of the labels. His art work can be found at his website, It took me a while to understand his logo.

I enjoy the labels although I have a hard time with...
Samu Presents...
Flying Head Butt Merlot

2006 Merlot, Lontue Valley - Chile
Benefiting the Usos - Samoan Family Foundation

Our deep red organic merlot is estate-grown and handcrafted - a soft, well-balanced wine, with aromas of black pepper and red fruit and a velvety, spicy finish. Enjoy it with turkey, grilled meats, pasta and pizza.

I don't drink and I don't know if these are dinner wines, sipping wines, wines for speculation or just novelty wines, but here's a pair for Beardy and his O's...


  1. I actually gave those as a gift last Christmas. The Eddie Murray label is by far my favorite.