Monday, June 8, 2009

Will It Go Round In Circles ?

I was looking over my Orel Hershiser collection and found a few 'oddball' items.

1989 Holsum/Schafer's Super Stars Discs. Canadian issue. These were created by Mike Schechter Associates and are airbrushed thicker than an Earl Schieb paint job, due to not being licensed by Major League Baseball.
There is also a non-Schafer version of these discs. Or, Holsum Bakeries only. That set was distributed in Michigan.

1989 King-B discs. These were also created by Mike Schechter Associates. they measure 2-3/4" in diameter.
They were inserted into specially-marked tubs of "Jerky Stuff". Yummy!

Oscar Gamble

I was alerted to this photo by the ever insightful Core Contraian. Which segued just fine into this Billy Preston video.

See, it does go round in circles.

My thanks to Greg, over at Night Owl Cards, for the idea of putting songs with cards. Or cards with songs.

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