Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One - Yes, Two - Not Yet

From the book of Second Hesitations, chapter 3, verse 21... There is a time for Joy and a time for Gripeyness.

First, the joy. I was able to purchase three game used cards in a SportLots.com auction.

2006 SP Legendary Cuts, Baseball Chronology Materials, Robin Yount (card # BC-RY)

2004 Upper Deck Reflections, Greg Maddux (card #149)

2008 SP Legendary Cuts Dual Memorabilia, Randy Johnson, Rich Hill (card # GEN-RR)

The first card is of Robin Yount, a Hall of Fame member (class of 1999). The card is good looking. Shiny. And it looks like it actually is a Brewer's uniform. Price: $4.25.

The second card, Greg Maddux, a first round Hall of Famer. Eight time All-Star, four time Cy Young Award winner, 18 Gold Gloves and has led the league in just about every positive pitching category at least once. I tend to think of Greg Maddux as a Brave, but he got his start in Chicago. I'm happy with this card. Price: $1.25.

The third card, well, it is Randy Johnson. And some other guy. Randy was selected to the All-Star team 10 times, five time Cy Young Award winner, strike out monster. A recent 301 game winner (everyone talks about win 300, but he's still going). He'll get elected to the Hall of Fame soon enough. He's been an Expo, a Mariner, an Astro, a Diamondback, a Yankee and a Giant. He gets around and gets paid very well. Speaking of rich, the other guy is Rich Hill. He's now an Oriole, but got his start with the Cubs. I'm not sure the reasoning behind this Generations set. Maybe it is the old guys with the young guys. Price: $1.25.

Total for the three cards: $9.50, including shipping ($2.75, for those of you keeping score at home). They all came from the same seller. Important to keep costs down.

And now for the Gripeyness...

Some ebay sellers aren't being quite truthful in their titles (click images for larger pics).

Is Manny in the HOF? Randy?


Nope. Not yet. It is way too early to discuss Manny, but the Randy and Greg will get there. But they're not in yet.

Open note to all ebay sellers:
If the player isn't in the Hall of Fame, don't tell me that he is.


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