Friday, June 5, 2009

Mark Grace, Hairstylist

While going through a bunch of cards, I came across this 1991 Score, Kirt Manwaring card (# 101).
Good action shot. Kirt's holding the ball and it appears that Mark Grace is smoothing his hair down. I don't know what hobbies Mark had, but it seems that he should have been concentrating on tagging the plate, not Kirt's hair.

I like the 1991 Score set. Simply framed. Good photos. Just two subsets (Hot Rookies and Cooperstown).

Now, it took me a bit to determine who the #17 was. My memory isn't that good, even though I was living in Chicagoland at the time this card was produced. A quick search led me to the wonderful Cubs By The Numbers site, which helped me quickly identify the hairstylist in question.

Now, if Mark could just find some mousse.

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