Monday, June 22, 2009

Ernie Banks Jersey Card

Not really much to say about Mr. Cub. Actually, there is, but it has been said time and time again.
2009 SP Legendary Cuts, Legendary Memorabilia RED, Ernie Banks
(card # LM-EB), numbered 57 of 75

Upper Deck came out with a slew of variations on these cards. There is the standard base card (greenish) - print run of 125, Blue - print run of 100, Red - print run of 75, Brown - print run of 50 and Violet - print run of 25. I don't know why they have to do that. Maybe they had extra swatches. Not every player has the same print run. More info on this set can be found at Upper Deck's site for this set.

I picked this HoFer card up on the ebay for $3.53, plus $3 shipping. Yes, that is over my $5 self imposed target/limit, but it will average out soon enough.


  1. Nice card! I am a sucker for those gray wool swatches.

  2. HOF jersey bits may be the only jersey bit way to go. Ridiculously reasonable prices; proven players who can't crash; great-looking swatches. That's a super nice card.