Monday, June 1, 2009

Don Sutton Jersey Card

I was tooling around the other day, trying to help me focus on my collecting wants.  One of my goals is to pick up some relic/autograph cards from Hall of Famers.

I found a 2004 SP Significant Swatches Don Sutton (card # SS-DS) on auction.  I won and picked it up for 75 cents (plus very reasonable shipping).  It arrived over the weekend and I'm now on my way to my goal.
Then I read the back...
You have received a game-used jersy card from the Upper Deck Company, LLC.  On the fron of this card is an authentic piece of a jersy worn by Don Sutton in an official Athletics™ MLB® game.  We hope you enjoy this piece of Major League Baseball® history as we at Upper Deck continue to keep you as close as you can get!
The Athletics™?  When did Don pitch for them?  He's a Dodger.  He bleeds blue.  Checking baseball-reference told me that he for Oakland in 1985 and that he had his best W-L percentage for any single team that he played for that year (.619 13-8).

That would explain the green jersey patch.  A bit misleading of Upper Deck Company, LLC.  He's pictured in a Dodger uniform.  It says LA on the front.  It should have been a Dodger jersey.

The other thing I learned over at baseball-reference was that he played for the 1988 Dodgers.  He went 3-6 before being released in early August of that year.  He helped get them to the World Series but didn't have a chance to play in it.  Well, he made it into the Hall of Fame ten years later.

I'm still glad I won the auction.


  1. I don't know, I'd have to seriously question whether that was a Dodger card if I had that in my possession.

    A green swatch with Dodger blue is jarring.

  2. I love that set... I have the Warren Spahn already... I'm going to track down some more soon.