Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ben Sakoguchi - Orange Crate Label Artist

Sunday Brand

I came across Ben Sakoguchi's site recently. Mr. Sakoguchi is well educated, has had numerous solo exhibits and has an interesting style. These prints are from one of his series, "The Unauthorized History of Baseball in 100-Odd Paintings".

From what I can tell, Mr. Sakoguchi is not afraid to express himself through his art. He takes on some of the issues (racism, sexism, cheating) that never seem to go away. He also embraces the finer things (patriotism, athleticism, determination) that also stay around.

I'll let his art say the rest. Here's a small sampling of it.

Pitchin' Babes Brand

Catalina Cubs Brand

Spahn and Sain and Pray for Rain Brand

Yiddish Curver Brand


  1. He's also incredibly sexist himself. I took a class from him, and he invited all of his male students to his home to see his studio. I was excluded because he was "afraid" his wife might think he was having an affair with me, even though there was no such affair and I would never even have considered sleeping with him. What a pompous jerk. And all of you think he's such a hero. That's America for you.