Saturday, June 13, 2009

1997 Topps Gallery - Peter Max

Dan, over at Saints of the Cheap Seats, recently posted a blog entry about a Ken Caminiti Peter Max card. In the post, he had some questions. I'll try to shed some light on this subset.

From the 2008 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards we find:
Noted artist Peter Max has painted renditions of 10 superstar players and offered his commentary about those players on the backs. Cards were inserted 1:24 packs. In addition, Max-autographed cards signed and numbered from an edition of 40 are inserted 1:1,200 packs.
Here's the checklist:

PM1 - Derek Jeter
PM2 - Albert Belle
PM3 - Ken Caminiti
PM4 - Chipper Jones
PM5 - Ken Griffey Jr.
PM6 - Frank Thomas
PM7 - Cal Ripken Jr.
PM8 - Mark McGwire
PM9 - Barry Bonds
PM10 - Mike Piazza

I'm partial to the Piazza card. Some of Peter Max's paintings are... well, out there. He's done a nice job with these. The artist also did a subset for 1997 Topps Football.

Disclaimer: I lifted these images from ebay auctions.


  1. Excellent! I love these cards and would like to collect them. I'll start with eBay and go from there. Even my wife likes them!

  2. I agree, Max did an amzing job on Piazza. I just found the card on Ebay and sent it to PSA. Wish me luck. Can anyone tell me which TOPPS packs from 1997 will I find these cards? i also like them. I actually won the Max Piazza in a lot of cards. Now I would like to get all 10 Max Baseball cards. I even called Topps and they had no clue. If anyone knows which packs I will find these cardss please let me know. thanks in advance.

  3. i have been able to find most of this set. The only card outstanding is "PM8 - Mark McGwire". If anyone has any idea wher I might be able to find this card please contact me. Thanks.

  4. I have several packs of the Gallery, The Art of Collecting by topps Gold 8 Pack 1997 Major League Baseball Cards. The wrapper says....
    *Peter Max Original and Signature Cards
    * Players Private Issues
    *Gallery of Heroes
    Approximate odds per pack of finding special cards: PLAYERS PRIVATE ISSUE 1:12, PHOTO GALLERY 1:24, PETER MAX SEIOGRAPHS 1:24, PETER MAX SIGNATURE SERIOGRAPHS 1:1200, STAINED GLASS HEROES 1:36

  5. Where can I get the 10 cards: contact me please at