Thursday, September 8, 2016

Nigel Wilson tore his what?

At a local thrift store I found this sheet of cards that was angrily torn from the magazine that once held it safe.

They were created in the style of the 1973 Topps Football.  You know.  The "Participation Ribbon" set.  Everyone gets one.

Best I can figure out this is part of an early 1990s SCD Sports Card Pocket Price Guide set, maybe 1993.

Is it worth keeping?  Probably not.  It it worth throwing away?  Probably not, either.

Bonus points.  Nigel Wilson (card # 25) played in Knoxville.  Based on the info that is on the back of his card, "Last year" was 1992.    That would make this issue from 1993.

Yeah, I'm too lazy to go back and correct the year and set info above the cards.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

National Baseball Card Day 2016

This last Saturday was National Baseball Card Day, sponsored mainly by Topps.  Caroline and I had a daddy / daughter date day thing going on, consisting of heading to Best Buy to purchase a 3TB hard drive, Build A Bear, lunch, the movies (The Angry Birds Movie), and then to Sports Treasures to pick up a free pack of baseball cards.

Caroline and I each got a pack.

  I opened my pack that night.  Six cards.  The usual suspects.  I was pleased to have an Ichiro in my pack.

Topps National Baseball Card Day 2016
Evan Longoria (card # 20)

Topps National Baseball Card Day 2016
Jose Abreu (card # 26)

Topps National Baseball Card Day 2016
Ichiro (card # 43)

Topps National Baseball Card Day 2016
Jose Bautista (card # 40)

Topps National Baseball Card Day 2016
Joe Mauer (card # 31)

Topps National Baseball Card Day 2016
Sonny Gray (card # 34)

On Sunday we opened her pack.
Topps National Baseball Card Day 2016
Madison Bumgarner (card # 1)

Topps National Baseball Card Day 2016
Evan Longoria (card # 20)

Topps National Baseball Card Day 2016
Ichiro (card # 43)

Topps National Baseball Card Day 2016
Jose Bautista (card # 40)

Topps National Baseball Card Day 2016
Joe Mauer (card # 31)

Topps National Baseball Card Day 2016
Sonny Gray (card # 34)
Holy Collation Issues.  Her pack had five of the same cards as my pack.  She picked up Bumgarner and dropped Abreu.

I like the clean look of the cards and the depth of field / focus thing going on.  The backs have a decent write up.  Maybe getting away from stats isn't a bad thing on occasion.

Thanks, Sports Treasures and Topps, for free cards.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

1938 Player's Cricket Album

Some time back I went ebay window shopping. This album caught my eye. I put in a bid and won for less than the cost of a blaster at WallyMart.

This is a smaller album than I had imagined it would be.  About 7-1/2" x 5"

Oh look.  A checklist.  And it has been partially filled in.

I guess it is now complete since every frame has a card pasted in.  All fifty of them.  I won't share every page.

I think I'd rather root for a club that has swords as their logo as opposed to flowers.  All the images are still portraits.  No action shots.

Clark Gable in the middle?

The colors on these cards just pop out, especially the red backgrounds.

Player's Please.

These are a nice complement to my other cricket card.

1928 Wills Cricketers
E. Hendren (card # 21)

Wow.  Another month, another post.  Who knows, I might crack 15 posts this year.  Ha.  Don't count on it.

Thanks to the faithful readers.  I don't know what I'd do with out the three of you.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Jeff Burton cover up

Ah, Listia, where others will buy your junk cards for credits and then you can use credits to buy their junk cards.

What? Relic cards of a car cover are not junk cards.  Well, maybe they are.
2004 Press Pass Eclipse - Under Cover Driver Gold
Jeff Burton (card # UCD 15) #/325
But you'll have to admit owning a card with small swatches of a firesuit, shoes, and gloves is pretty cool, right?

No?  It isn't? 

2009 Press Pass Legends Prominent Pieces
Jeff Burton (card # PP-JB) #/50

They're numbered.  Still no?  Crud.

At least I posted in June.

Friday, May 27, 2016

1991-92 Knoxville Cherokees

"Seven weeks since you last posted? You gotta be freakin' kidding me."

This is what I imagine my remaining readers are saying.  Both of them. 

Well, I've been busy.  Let me tell you a story.  But first, here's some hockey cards from the local team.  I picked these up in a lot from when a local antique mall was shutting down.  I called the store, "Junque and Krappe".  It sounds very refined that way.

1991-92 Knoxville Cherokees
Mike Gober (card # 5)

Yeah, I've been busy.  With our society being very litigious, and all the HIPAA laws in place, I have to tread with caution. 

On, or about April 9th of this year, my wife, allegedly, slipped while getting into a shower and dislocated her shoulder.  We might have taken a visit to a local emergency room, where they might have reset it and issued a prescription for pain pills.

It is presumed that she visited her doctor, as possibly advised by the ER doctor.  Physical therapy might have been advised.  Allegedly, on her second visit to the supposed physical therapist her shoulder might have become dislocated again.

The emergency room staff remembered her from the week before.  Allegedly.  Same song, second verse.  We might have gone to see an orthopedic doctor after that.  He might have suggested that an MRI be done.  The alleged MRI results may have pushed the doctor to want to preform surgery to repair possible disruptions in the shoulder region.

1991-92 Knoxville Cherokees
Dave Shute (card # 10)

Purportedly it took that orthopedic doctor's office a while to find a suitable surgery time.  We were told that she would be having surgery on a specific date.  Then that date and place were changed three more times in a four hour window.  No allegedly there.  They didn't seem to have a clue and we lost confidence in that practice.

A second opinion was allegedly sought and Dr. McDreamy might have provided a different and more complete insight into the issues.  We allegedly left his office that day with a new surgery date.
1991-92 Knoxville Cherokees
Chad Thompson (card # 7)
That mythical date has not yet arrived, but the reality of the situation is that my wife has needed some assistance in the last seven weeks.  She's an independent woman, but this injury has proven that she can't do everything.

After things settle down at our house I might be back to blogging every four weeks instead of every seven or so.  Allegedly.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Requisite monthly post

A few weeks back I decided I should beef up my 1971 Topps project.  I sauntered on over to COMC and picked up about a dozen that I needed for Series 1, since that is what I'm focusing on.  After they arrived I went through and did some organizing.  I was able to put several cards in the binder, updated the want list and realized that I'm close to completing the first series.  That was my original goal.

But I won't be showing any of those gently loved, chipped edged '71s,  I'll show you a few other cards I picked up during that same shopping spree.

Not all cards purchased at COMC are baseball.  As far as I can tell Len Raney never made it to the pros but we both attended Northern Arizona University.  And it was less than a buck.
1995 Superior Pix Autographs
Len Raney (card # 98)

I've been delving into the history of cricket a bit.  I thought I should grab one for my collection.  This "mini" has a bit of surface damage, but I'm not complaining.  It only set me back a buck seventy five.
1928 Wills Cricketers
E. Hendren (card # 21)

Bill "Bugs" Moran was the poor man's Oscar Gamble.  Look it up yourself.  "Bugs" cost me $2.75.

1978 TCMA - Knox Sox
Bill "Bugs" Moran (card # 0024)

And yes, I did have a bit of fun with this first of the Knoxville Minor Team sets.

I placed my order soon after Joe Garagiola had slipped this mortal coil.  Yes, the card has rounded corners and a bit of a crease, but it cost fifty cents less than "Bugs" Moran.
1953 Bowman Color
Joe Garagiola (card # 21)

And here's one that I got back in January of this year.  Buddy Gilbert was the featured speaker at the East Tennessee SABR Day meeting.  He handed these out.  And yes, that is his signature.  He takes pride in it.
Custom card
Buddy Gilbert

Happy Opening Day week.  My lovely wife and I will be out at Smokies Stadium tonight watching their home opener.  Whee!