Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Pair of Bonus Athletics

Last week a few cards showed up in a PWE.  I knew that they were coming, because Bru of the fine Remember the Astrodome blog said he was sending them my way.

Let's see what he sent...
1971 Topps
Bob Locker (card # 356)
1971 Topps
Rollie Fingers (card # 384)
Rollie doesn't grow his 'stache until the 1973 Topps issue.

Bru, I've got a package ready for you.  But I've been saying that since January.  Patience.  I'm a busy man, what with this flurry of posts and all.

Seriously though, thanks for helping me with my 1971 Topps collection.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Baseball cards in TV shows

Being a collector my eyes are in tune with my surroundings.  When I watch a TV show or a movie and there are baseball cards in a scene I take note.

I didn't watch it last evening, but apparently the ABC sitcom, The Goldbergs, had a scene that featured some baseball cards. 

This image came from the ABC press release about the hidden April Fools' Jokes in their Wednesday night line up of comedies.

The character Murray Goldberg is portrayed by actor Jeff Garlin.  I first noticed him in his film, I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With.

I know of some other shows where baseball cards get some screen time.  Do you know of any?

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Junior Junkie to the Rescue

I arrived home the other day after work. Following my usual routine, I back in to the drive, gather my stuff and head down to the mailbox before making my way in to the house.  It has been some time since a PWE just appeared in post.

The Junior Junkie knocked off two Hershisers that were on my wantlist.

1995 Topps Finest
Orel Hershiser (card # 304)
Yes, I know that these two cards will do nothing for Night Owl.  Absolutely nothing.  I know that David and Baseball Dad can appreciate them.  Okay, in order to fill this post with words I've become a name dropper.  Sue me.
1997 Topps Gallery
Orel Hershiser (card # 7)

Thanks, Junior Junkie, for making my week a bit more fun.  Now to poke around and see if I have anything to send your way.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Another Listia Win

Last week I picked up a pair of cards from Listia. The winning bid? 503 credits. I'll do that any day. And twice on Sunday.

I needed the Jerry McNertney for my 1971 Topps set.  The Blasingame was just a bonus.

And now the backside. Love the cartoon on the backside.  Yee-Haw!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A trade with defgav

A while back a trade was set up with Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown.  I don't know how it started, but I looked at his wantlist and had a few 1971 Topps that he needed.

He provided me with his address and a few weeks later I dropped them in the mail.  Yeah, I'm never too quick on shipping stuff out.  One of my many flaws.

He sent me a return envelope, stuffed with some 1971 Topps that I needed.  And a few bonus cards.

Here are the Series 1 cards that I needed.

I haven't studied them but I wonder how many non horizontal facsimile autographs there are in the 1971 set.

1971 Topps
Dave Campbell (card # 46)

Don Money is wonderfully miscut.  Love it.
1971 Topps
Don Money (card # 49)

Tom Dukes isn't creased, but just worn right there.
1971 Topps
Tom Dukes (card # 106)
And now one of the two bonus cards.  2015 Topps.  Sure, everyone's blogged about them.  But this is a wonderful addition to my Topps Type Collection.  Now if I could just find the binder.  Seriously.  I can't find the binder.
2015 Topps
Carlos Ruiz (card # 233)

Thanks for the trade, Gavin.

Friday, March 6, 2015

UT Basketball Pocket Schedules

A few weeks ago a friend of mine invited me to a UT Vols basketball game.  The men's team has been up and down.  Seems like they start each game rather well and then can't finish.  I enjoy watching them but don't know enough about the game or the program to have an informed opinion.

But I do know free pocket skeds when I see them.

Donnie Tyndall looking large.  Well, he looks that way in real life.

Forward Armani Moore.  Currently UT's top rebounder and second leading scorer.

Just watched the Lady Vols on the SECNetwork finish off UGA in the SEC Tourney.  Isabelle Harrison leads the team in average points per game at 12.2.  Not shabby.

I do enjoy March Madness.  Not for the brackets so much but for some good basketball.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Some sports cards from Listia

I've been 'selling' some cards on Listia, mostly duplicate 1971 Topps.  I've been turning around and bidding on some cards that I want.  I won this disinterested Reggie Jackson for 3,580 credits.  The seller tossed in the ticked off Andre Dawson.  Reggie filled a hole in my quest to complete the 1971 Topps Series 1 (obligatory wantlist link).

1971 Topps
Reggie Jackson (card # 20)
1981 Donruss
Andre Dawson (card # 212)

Jeff Burton has moved from the drivers' seat to the broadcast booth. But my wife still likes him.  I bid on this lot and won for 503 credits.  I didn't even look to see if I need them.  As it turns out, I needed all three of them (obligatory wantlist link, part two).
1999 Press Pass
Jeff Burton (card # 50)
1995 Classic 5 Sport
Jeff Burton (card # 172)
2006 Press Pass VIP
Jeff Burton (card # 2)
I need to do much more sorting and cataloging of the Jeff Burton cards, but that isn't a priority for me.