Thursday, February 26, 2015

Some sports cards from Listia

I've been 'selling' some cards on Listia, mostly duplicate 1971 Topps.  I've been turning around and bidding on some cards that I want.  I won this disinterested Reggie Jackson for 3,580 credits.  The seller tossed in the ticked off Andre Dawson.  Reggie filled a hole in my quest to complete the 1971 Topps Series 1 (obligatory wantlist link).

1971 Topps
Reggie Jackson (card # 20)
1981 Donruss
Andre Dawson (card # 212)

Jeff Burton has moved from the drivers' seat to the broadcast booth. But my wife still likes him.  I bid on this lot and won for 503 credits.  I didn't even look to see if I need them.  As it turns out, I needed all three of them (obligatory wantlist link, part two).
1999 Press Pass
Jeff Burton (card # 50)
1995 Classic 5 Sport
Jeff Burton (card # 172)
2006 Press Pass VIP
Jeff Burton (card # 2)
I need to do much more sorting and cataloging of the Jeff Burton cards, but that isn't a priority for me.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Gary Nolan - soulless ball player

1971 Topps
Gary Nolan - card # 75
What more needs to be said?  Don't stay up late watching horror movies.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tony C in a Wide Pen

Before I created the Tony Cuccinello checklist, I thought that I could knockout a few more of his cards on my way to becoming a TC super collector.  I picked this 1936 Goudey Wide Pen for five bucks, plus reasonable shipping.  It is a bit chewed up at the bottom of the card.
1936 Goudey Wide Pen (R314)
Tony Cuccinello - card # (22)

Looking at the prices of some of the cards on the checklist I've abandoned all hope of becoming a TC super collector.  Several are well out of my price range.  I might pick up a few more as type cards, but I'm not actively pursuing his cards.

Now the question is, where can I get a screw down case for this (and other similar sized cards).  It is 3-1/4" x 5-1/2"

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Movie Title changes

Last night on twitter David, from Tribe Cards, played a little game called:  #MakeAFilmUncomfortable.  Take a film, add a few words, make it uncomfortable.  Here are some of  his baseball related suggestions.
  • Fear Strikes Out with a Hatchet
  • Eight Men Come Out
  • Hell's Angels in the Outfield
  • Charlie's Angels in the Outfield
  • Air Budweiser: The Seventh Inning Belch
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Pitch
  • Everyone's Hero Sandwich
  • Big League Chew of Their Own
  • Topps Gum

I tossed in a few of my own, based on the Wiki list of Academy Award Winning Films.  I didn't try to make them uncomfortable, just baseball related.
  • Annie Gets Her Radar Gun
  • Adventures of Don Juan Marichal
  • Cool Hand Luke Easter
  • Julius Szczur
  • It Happened One Night Owl
  • Good Will Clark Hunting
  • The Rob Deer Hunter
  • The Deer Hunter Pence
  • Crouching Detroit Tigers, Hidden Chunichi Dragons
  • Bonnie and David Clyde
  • The Big Broadcast of 1938: The Vin Scully Story
  • The Accidental Asheville Tourists
  • Hunt for Red Mr. October

Even David, the Cardboard Junkie, joined in the fun
  • Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bombo Rivera
Do you have any to add?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tony Cuccinello - a checklist

Tony Cucinello baseball card checklist

1937 BF3 Felt Pennants - Type 9   Player Name
Tony Cuccinello (14)

1933 Goudey (R319) - card # 99
1933 Worch Cigar - (29a) photo background, (29b) blank background
1934 Al Demaree Die-cuts (R304) - card # 91
1934 Batter-Up - card # 79
1934 Diamond Matchbooks - Silver Borders - (37)
1934 Tarzan Bread (D382) - (10)
1934-36 Diamond Stars (R327) - card # 55
1935 Four-on-One Exhibits - (12) - with Vincent Lopez, Van Mungo, Dan Taylor
1935-36 Diamond Matchbooks - (41)
1936 Boston American Sport Stamps - (41)
1936 Diamond Matchbooks - Team on Back - (2)
1936 Goudey "Wide Pen" Premiums - Type 1 - (23)
1937 BF3 Felt Pennants - Type 9   Player Name - (14)
1937 BF104 Blankets - (6)
1938 Four-on-One Exhibits - (9) - with Vince DiMaggio, Roy Johnson, Danny MacFayden
1938 Foto Fun - (17)
1939 Play Ball (R334) - card # 61
1939-46 Salutation Exhibits (10)
1940 Diamond Dust Punchboard Cards - (6)
1940 Play Ball (R335) - card # 61
1945 Baseball Magazine Player Poster - (3)
1949 Eureka Sportstamps - card # 81
1955 Cleveland Indians Postscards - (2)
1955 Golden Stamps Books - Cleveland Indians Album - (30)
1959 Chicago White Sox - card # 44
1960 Topps - card # 458 - Chicago White Sox Coaches
1968 Detroit Free Press Bubblegumless Tiger Cards - (3)
1972 TCMA The 1930's - (14)
1974 Bramac 1933 National League All-Stars - card #5
1975 TCMA 1954 Cleveland Indians - (3)
1978 Grand Slam - card # 166
1979 Diamond Great - card # 208
1983 Big League Collectibles Original All-Stars - card # 28
1983 Renata Galasso 1933 All-Stars - card # 1
1983 TCMA/Renata Galasso - card # 223
1989 L.A. Dodgers Greats Fire Safety - card # 37
1989 Pacific Legends II - card # 170
1990 Target Dodgers - card # 153
1994 Conlon Collection - card # 1171 - Tony and Al Cuccinello
1995 Conlon Collection - card # 1391

Sunday, February 1, 2015

My nod to the Super Bowl

I've been underwhelmed by the NFL this year.  But I will be attending a Super Bowl party.  I'm leaving early to get the kiddo ready for school tomorrow.  Also Downton Abbey is on.  Mostly I see the Super Bowl as a prelude to the return of The Blacklist on NBC.

My brother gave me this card.  I think it was left over from when one of his coworkers was canned.  You know, after the guy leaves, everyone goes to his desk to scavenge?  Find a better stapler.  Hopefully get back the pens that he stole from you.  If you're lucky you get a newer desk chair, maybe just the chair mat.  My brother got Mirro's only football card.
1975 Topps
Mirro Roder (card # 508)

So, the back of the card looks like a pinball machine.  Apparently they don't have schools in Czechoslovakia.  And following one path of immigrants in the Windy City he drove taxis for a year.

Go (insert favorite team name here)!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Finding what makes me happy

I haven't purchased a new pack of cards in many, many months. I've been slowing adding to my 1971 Topps (Series 1) pursuit.  After the December holidays I found that I had some left over jingle in my pocket.  To ebay I went.

For less than what I would have spent on a new pack of cards (less than $5 delivered) I picked up an R318 Dodger.  Apparently he'd been moonlighting as Paul M. Longacre, but who am I to quibble?

This is my second R318.  The first one came to me as a prize from Spike several years ago.  I scanned it and then put it in a secret hiding place for protection.  So secret that I've forgotten where it is.

1934 Batter-Up (R318)
Tony Cuccinello (card # 79)

Let's see, what else makes me happy?  Doing baseball research.  I have a few other blogs that I also ignore from time to time.

I've been looking at the University of Tennessee Record Book at Old Knoxville Base Ball.  And just random baseball stuff at Baseball Nuggets.

I'm probably going to pick up a few more Tony Cuccinello cards.  I guess putting together a checklist for him would make me happy.