Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's day and a repackage

Just so you don't think I'm forgetting Valentine's Day, here's a throwback to five years ago.  Now to our regularly scheduled post.

I purchased one of those Presstine 30 card repack packages at the Dollar Tree the other day.

Here are the highlights.

I like the image.  I just wish I knew what the front of the Blue Rocks' uniform looked like.
2015 Topps Heritage Minor League Edition
Logan Moon - card # 184

Rickey says, "You can't go wrong with any Rickey card."
1984 Topps
Rickey Henderson All Star - card # 706

Rather crisp edges and corners for a 36 year old card.  I realized that this card came out many years before some of the current bloggers were even a thought in their folk's mind.  Wow.

1982 Topps
Rick Monday - card # 577

I don't see many cards of Canadian minor league players.  Part of the Expos chain.  Nice high-tops, Rondell.
1994 Classic All-Star Minor League
Rondell White - card # 70

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