Tuesday, February 25, 2014

TTC Fodder from Mr. Hoyle

Mr. Hoyle has been making a name for himself recently in the card blogging world. Well, he already had a name. He's making it known. As one who comments and one who gives.  He sent over a few cards to help me out of a "too many Royals" jam for my Topps Type Collection.

Let's see who he sent and who gets the boot.  Bespectacled Paul Splittorff will replace John Wathan.  Wait.  That's just one Royal replacing another Royal.  Yes, soon you will see the wonder that is Mr. Hoyle's brain.
1982 Topps
Paul Splittorff (card # 759)
Rick Sutcliffe came along for the ride.  Unlike the peasants of France I don't want to replace all my Royals, just not have so many of them clumped together.   Rick will have to wait in the bullpen for a while.
1982 Topps
Rick Sutcliffe (card # 609)

Jim Beattie will be replacing Paul Splittorff in the 1984 spot.  See what Mr. Hoyle did there?  He gave Paul a second chance.  And he provided me with a Mariner.  Need to keep the teams balanced.
1984 Topps
Jim Beattie (card # 288)

A young Dennis Boyd.  Dennis will be replacing Charlie Leibrandt.  Another Royal bites the dust.
1985 Topps
Dennis Boyd (card # 116)

Roberto Hernandez has been called in for Raul Mondesi.  That fills the Devil Rays team void.  And Raul's card was a horizontal.
1999 Topps
Roberto Hernandez (card # 81)
Thank you for reading my blog, Mr. Hoyle. And for getting me out of a jam. I can now sleep better at night. Well, during the day, too.


  1. I'm happy too see Splittorff still made the cut. By all accounts a great guy. I believe he passed only a couple of years ago. One of the Royals all time greats.

    1. Splittorff played for 15 years, all with the Royals. I like it when a player gets to stay with the same team his whole career. He had 9 seasons of .500 or better W-L. He died May of 2011.