Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I just want two cards

I don't ask for much.  Maybe that's because I don't want much.

Since deciding to focus on vintage baseball cards I've been drawn to the 1933 Goudey of Walter French.  Card # 177 for those of you keeping score.

And we return to the price versus condition issue.  I've been conversing with some of the guys from Old Baseball Cards.  A few things I've learned.

Condition does not always matter.  Sometimes it does, but generally it doesn't have to be near mint.

It is hard to fill any part of a long time collector's wantlist.  They've already filled most of their sets and are now collecting the Hungarian language version of the T-206 reverse printed backs.  Left handed pitchers.  And they must have been born west of the Mississippi.  It really isn't that bad, it just feels like it when my trade list consists mostly of  '60s and '70s Topps with rounded corners that can probably be picked up for a quarter each at any good card show.

Back to Mr. French (Cissy... Jody... Buffy... Mrs. Beasley...  Anyone home?).

I've been visiting to help identify cards and to see what they look like.  Yes, I have purchased from them in the past and will in the future.

Here's one of their offerings:

1933 Goudey
Walter French (card # 177)

See that?  Knoxville Smokies.  As far as I know, this is the earliest card issued of a Smokies player.  COMC is offering this card, in various conditions, for $34 to $50.  I'm rounding here.  S&H not included.

Ebay sellers are offer the card in a wider variety of conditions and a much lower price.

This one looks nice and can be mine for $9 delivered.

Here's one that's in a bit better shape.  And it is in plastic.  Graded VG-3 by PSA.  Delivered for less than $9.

This one can be mine for a mere $7 delivered.  I love the thumbtack rust but I think for a few bucks more I'd pop for one of the $9 cards.

The post title says that I just want two cards.  Two of Mr. French?  Nope.  I want a 2014 Topps base card.  Not a Rated Rookie, not a Futures.  Not a parallel.  Just a base card for my Topps Type Collection.  Discuss among yourselves and send me one in a PWE.  That would make my day.

p.s. - please try to select a Ray, Mariner, or Marlin.  I don't have any of them in my TTC.

AJ, The Lost Collector, has stepped up and will be sending me a 2014 Topps.  Thanks.


  1. I would take the graded one for less than $9. It might be $2 more but the whole card is there. Once I got it in the mail I would crack that thing open and put it in a 9 card page where it belongs.

    If my choices were the $7 partial card and whole card for say 15-20 (graded or not) I would have grabbed the $7 one. I guess I'm just cheap.

    In case you haven't seen this before, one of my all time favorite blog posts:

    1. AdamE - thanks for sharing the Tale of Two Fellers. I hadn't read that before. Good writing.

      I'm with you. I think I'll go after the graded card. I don't know if I'll crack the case right away, but I'll consider it.

  2. I'd probably go with the one Adam says. I don't love graded cards, but it's a little nicer than the one above for the same price. I'd be happy to send you a 2014 Topps card. Shoot me your address - thelostcollector AT gmail DOT com

    1. TLC, thanks for the offer. I've sent my address.

    2. I would have sent you a 2014 card but I haven't even bought a pack of 2013 yet. I just going to wait till the end of the year then buy a Team Set of Series 1, 2, and U&H in one fatal swoop.

  3. I'm with those guys. Buy the graded card for$9.00. I don't like buying graded cards myself. Especially if it's only a three. They are to tough to store.