Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Charles "Gabby" Street - Catcher of Balls

20 plus years ago my friend Doug bought me this tobacco card.  He put it in a screw down case.  I've admired it for those decades, always afraid to remove it, fearing that it was stuck to the plastic and would be ruined if released.

Sunday night I pulled out the #2 Phillips and went to town.  Gabby slipped right out without a problem.

1911 T205 Gold Border
Piedmont back
Charles "Gabby" Street

I guess if your lifetime batting average is just .208 you'd better be known for something else.  He was.

Idaho Statesman - September 6, 1908

23 years prior several ball players tried the same stunt without success.

Daily News (Denver) - January 19, 1885

So, thanks again, Doug, for a wonderful gift those many years ago.

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