Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lost... not yet found

I'm getting better as an organizer.  I've got checklists and I'm working on filling them out.  I've physically clumped like cards together (think autos and relic cards in snap cases).  I've culled out cards I intend to send to other collectors.  I've got cards set aside that I need to post to Listia.  I've got binders.  I roughly know what I have and where I'm going.  I feel pretty good about collecting.

And then I went to look for a specific card.  This one.

1934 Batter-Up
Eric McNair (card # 61)
I can't find it.  I have looked in all my usual hiding places.  I even cleaned off part of my dresser that hasn't seen the light of day in many years.  A few benefits of that.  Dust bunnies went away.  My wife was pleased.  And I found a relic card I had forgotten about.  This one.

2010 Topps Allen & Ginter
Framed Mini Relic
Adam Dunn (card # AGR-AD)
It was under a pile of MLB Showdown shiny cards, misc business cards, and old church bulletins.  It has now been put in the right place.

In other news I went by one of my local card shops (yes, I have multiple), and picked up a few more 1970 Topps Supers.  A theme for the week might have been found.

I also took Caroline by to the University of Tennessee campus.  For those readers that are new to my blog, Caroline is my daughter.  She likes sports.  Of all kinds, although recently she's been taking a shine to hockey.

Here are a few photos from today.

Back in November of last year a statue of Pat Summit was unveiled just across from Thomson Boling Arena.

Caroline standing in awe of a great coach.

UT was supposed to play host to Nebraska-Omaha and Purdue for a miniature tournament today and tomorrow.  We, along with other parts of the country, got slammed with snow, ice and general weather badness.  Travel delays and concerns for the field led Nebraska-Omaha to withdraw and Purdue to delay.  Today's game was delayed until Monday.  I'll have to wait a bit longer to watch some live baseball.

We watched about 10 minutes of batting and fielding practice before the coaches called the team in.  Caroline said she wants to return.  So do I.

Until then I'll keep looking for Ed McNair.


  1. Those batter up cards aren't easy to find or cheap. I hope you find it

  2. That Pat Summitt statue photo is pretty cool. You should print it and send it to her and see if she'll sign it.

  3. I have two Hudlins for the Indians. One B/W and one red. Red one has 1/4" trimmed off the bottom !
    Hope you find yours !