Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Revolving Door

Managers.  They come and they go.  They step onto the escalator on the lower floor of mall and ascend to the food court, never to be seen again.

In 2004 the Tennessee Smokies were managed by Mark DeJohn.  In 2005, Tony Perezchica.  2006 brought Bill Plummer.  2007?  Pat Listach.   2008 saw Buddy Bailey.   Ryne Sandberg came in 2009.   Last year Bill Dancy skippered.

And next season?  Brian Harper.  Really.  See the official press release.


A few months ago I found this card of Barry Foote, manager of the then Knoxville Blue Jays.  I think I picked it up for a dime.  Yes, the photography is horrid.  Nice shadows, photo guy.

They come and they go.  I try not to get to close, knowing that they're only here for a season or two.

Goodbye, Bill.  Hello, Brian.

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  1. I'm still glad you stood in line for the ONE autograph last year. That's pretty cool.