Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A swat of the "Larry" variety

The reports from Philadelphia, Pa. state in part:
A printing trades baseball league, composed mostly of the book and job offices in our city, is under way. If the contemplated league is as successful as the one of ten years ago, the boys will get all the outdoor exercise they need. One of the main factors in the success of the morning newspaper league was "Curley," and every one knows how enthusiastic he is at a baseball game. It is said that at one time he was short a regular player, and he had to recruit from the spectators. The "recruit" was put into left field, and not having the good fortune to play on enclosed grounds, they were not of the billiard table order, for scattered here and there were small ponds. Well, the game had not progressed very far before a swat of the "Larry" variety came sailing into the "recruit's" territory and landed in the middle of one of the aforesaid ponds. The new player, who had on his street clothes, and his best, did not jump into the stagnant pool for the ball, and the manager all the while kept yelling excitedly: "Get the ball; never mind your $9 pants."
-- from the Typographical Journal, July, 1902.

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