Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blogging at Smokies Park - First Inning


The first pitches are just starting. Luke Sommer caught it, a bit outside. I didn't hear who the young gentleman was that threw it, but he had a good arm.

The sky has that nice blue. The press box is a bit warm, what with the windows open looking down on the field. There are big fluffy clouds in the sky. About eight minutes until the game starts. The Smokies are playing host to the Huntsville Stars.

Mark Rogers, a rightie, will be starting for the Stars. Chris Rusin, a leftie will go for the Smokies. This will be the first time these pitchers have started against each other. There's a reason for that. Rogers will be starting his 21st start of the season, Rusin, his second.

In the series (going back to 1985), the Stars have the lead, 195-180 (.520). Last night the Smokies downed the Stars 9-2. This is an important series for both teams as the Smokies lead the Stars by 2 games in the Southern League North standings.

Seeing as how I've never blogged about a game live, we'll see how this goes.

I'd like to thank Rennie Leon, Director of Communications for the Smokies, for his assistance.

The National Anthem has been sung, rather competently by a baritone/tenor, without accompaniment.

Rusin has warmed up to the tune of Rocky Top. Love to be in Tennessee.

First batter, Caleb Gindl, first hit of the game. Then Brett Lawrie tried to bunt him to second. Foul. Last evening there were 6,949 fans here. Tonight? Not so much. Lawrie punches one to short left field. Runners on first and second.

Zealous Wheeler pops out. First and Third. For more info on the Smokies, visit their official website,

I'm seeing that this is much more difficult than I imagined. I've lost track of the batters. But the score is 1-0, Stars. Taylor Green almost hit into a double play. Almost. Now the score is 2-0, Huntsville.

Tony Campana is the first up to bat for the Smokies. Tony and I are related by marriage a few times. My wife is related to his step-grandmother. I spoke with Joyce (his grandmother) earlier this week. She's very proud of his accomplishments. And he just got some contact, but was thrown out at first.

Brett Jackson, RF, is up. No, that was quick. Russ Canzler, 3B is now up. And he walked. Blake Lalli is up. 1B. Count is 2-2. Full Count. Okay, now some of the bases are loaded. I missed something.

I guess I was over at the spread of food that they have for the press. For real up to date info, look at the Game Day link from the Smokies' site. Steve Clevenger just took 4 balls and a run was pushed in. Score is 1-1.

Brandon Guyer was up. The Core Contrarian just commented and I missed the play because I was finding out that he likes Rocky Top. Next thing I know, Brandon takes the ball long and the Smokies are up, 5-2, with 1 out in the bottom of the first.

And now the first inning is over.


  1. I thought Rocky Top was the National Anthem around there.

    Having the mother of all connection problems and this may be it for me unfortunately.

  2. Rocky Top IS the national anthem around here! :)

  3. I did too - the first couple years we lived here. However, when it bring grown men to tears, you gotta wonder! :)

  4. Come to Ann Arbor. Same deal with "Hail to the Victors."


    I don't even know my alma mater's fight song so cannot weep along to it.

    Wayne State - Detroit.