Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blogging at Smokies Park - Eighth Inning

I should have mentioned this before, but you can listen to the game via the radio or the web. Hop on over to the Smokies Radio Network.

Gary Gillette and Rod Nelson watching the game, taking cryptic notes.

Aaron Shafer has entered the game as the pitcher for the Smokies. The score is 7-3, Smokies still leading.

I've just been informed that the official attendance for tonight's game is 2,283.

Robert Hinton has come in to pitch for the Stars.

Tony Campana is batting. Full count. 1 out. And he took the fourth ball. And he just stole second. Wild throw. He looked to third, but didn't try.

Since the Smokies are the AA team for the Cubs, the TV in the press box was tuned to WGN. There was a game on. I assume that it was the Cubs. But after the game was over, WGN went into the usual Sunday evening lineup. I got to watch some of the Smokies game with Becker in the background.

Tony scores on a Blake Lalli hit to left. Score is now 8-3.

Wild Pitch brings in another run. 9-3.

E-5 scores another run. 10-3.

Tony Thomas hits a long ball to left field, clearing the bases. 13-3. Will this inning never end? Core Contrarian might have nailed the final score.

A 6 run inning by the Smokies might have clinched this one.

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