Sunday, August 1, 2010

Big Six Game

I've become somewhat fascinated with the Big Six game that finally sold for $300 at the latest Huggins & Scott auction.

So I did some research. The invention of the game was reported in the New London, CT, newspaper, The Evening News on April 19, 1922.

Piroxloid Products manufactured and distributed the game. In the May 25th, 1922 issue of Printer's Ink (A Journal for Advertisers) had this account...

According to the New York Times on August 6, 1922, there was a Merchandise Fair in New York City. Piroxloid Products Corp., 200 5th Av., had a booth (#372). They made ivory novelties and games.

The 1923 issue of the Catalogue of Copyright Entries lists the Piroxloid Products Corp.

I also wondered about Christy Mathewson's nickname, Big Six. I've heard and read that he got it from a prize fighter, from a fire truck, from a fire station, from his height, from a race horse, from a powerful union. The man himself clears it up in the December 24, 1922 issue of the New York Times.

Now, if I just had about $400 extra last month...

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