Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Loot from Topps

Last week I started to follow ToppsCards on Twitter. They share some hobby info and offer the chance to win the giveaway of the day. I retweeted and won.

What did I win? Well, it is a 2000 Bowman Best, Locker Room Collection, Carlos Beltran Autographed card.

Yeah, I lifted the image from their site. The card hasn't found my mailbox yet. It will, but I only won it last week. The number of the card should be LRCA-1. I'll verify it when the card arrives.

Being a responsible winner and a kind blogger, I've taken myself out of the Topps Giveaways for the next month. I've been winning a few things lately and it is only fair that others have the opportunity.

The Topps Blog recently hosted a State of the Hobby roundtable with various bloggers. Go and read what they said.
So, there you go. I got a nice card and they got some nice press. No scratch it a bit lower. Thanks.

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  1. Congratulations on winning a very cool card! Also gotta give props to Topps!

    Andy J.