Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another ebay purchase

Here's another card I picked up on ebay. No, I don't have it in my sweaty, little hands yet.

2009 Topps T206, Framed Mini Auto - Daniel Schlereth

I snagged it for $0.99, plus $3.50 shipping.

I was too late to add this to the Dinged Corners' Scouting Baseball Cards post. I guess I can always be an addendum.

Last season he went 1-4, with a 5.89 ERA while seeing action in 21 games with the Diamondbacks. He made it to Detroit in a trade that is too confusing for me to understand. Just last month young Mr. Schlereth was optioned to AAA Toledo. He's made the opening day roster. He'll probably be a mid-reliever and hopefully will make it back to Detroit soon.

On Thursday the Mud Hens will face the Louisville Bats. Opening day action for the Mud Hens.

He's the son of former NLF player and current ESPN commentator Mark Schlereth. Some might know Mark Schlereth as "Stink" on the Mike and Mike radio/tv show.

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