Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blog Bat Around

What is this? BBA#18? Actually, I think this is either 7 or 8. I can't keep up with them. I've participated in four of them.

Here's my fifth. Gellman, over at Sports Cards Uncensored, asked us to participate. Basically, the premise is: Ebay Shopping Spree Time.

What can I buy for $50,000 in 15 minutes? Hmmm. Let's see. I'll use round numbers. Nearest hundred of the price when I found it. To make this easy I won't include any S&H fees.

When I went into this BBA, I had only looked at one other blog post on this subject. I didn't want to taint my decisions. How many big ticket items can there be on Ebay? Lots.

So, what would I be looking for? First thing, something that I'd really want to own, not just because it is expensive. Sure, I could get an A-Rod bat and blow $14,000 in one auction. But, I really don't want an A-Rod bat. He's good and all, but it doesn't do anything for me.

I started to poke around and look at some other bats, maybe a jersey from the older guys. Nope. Where would I put it? They're nice to look at in a museum, but not for me.

1948-49 Leaf #8 Leroy "Satchel" Paige RC SGC 50+
In last years' REA Auction, this card (PSA 7 NM) went for $14,000. $9,500 seems like a good deal. A classic card that doesn't get enough recognition. I'd take this over a Mantle rookie any day of the week. Twice on Sundays.
I'm a sucker for T3s. The originals. Oh, the ones that Topps puts out now are nice and cute, but there's something about these oversized works of art. One thing that I've always heard in collecting is "Buy the best you can afford. Quality matters." Yes, it does. When I'm spending my own money I tend to ignore that. But this isn't my money.
Another T3. Walter Johnson. Really what more needs to be said?

This one is a slightly lower grade, but it still looks nice. I'm not a fan of graded cards, what with them being in their plastic coffins and all, but if I'm going to drop this sort of money on a card, I'd want it graded and slabbed. I'm not sure the best way to display these. Probably framed.

Red Grange. Yes, I'm mixing it up, but who doesn't like Red Grange? Another classic card.
I've always wanted an Old Judge card. I don't know Fido Baldwin. I think that he's one of the Baldwin Brothers. Alec, Daniel, William, Stephen, and Fido. Sort of like the Marx Brothers.

1923 V117 Maple Crispette #8 Babe Ruth PSA 1 Yankees
One can't go wrong with Babe Ruth. The manufacturer is just the icing on the cake. Maple Crispette? To die for.

I had to spend a bit of time tracking this down. I was left with a grand on my open tab. Yeah, another Ruth.

So, if I did my math correctly, I've come in at around $50,000. I also realized that I went about 30 minutes over my 15 minutes of time. Oops.


  1. Best. Lot. Ever.

    Makes me feel silly for spending thousands on Mars Attacks! cards.

  2. Thanks for not dropping twenty mil on this lot with 399 of your closest friends.