Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Visit From UT Football!

If you're a parent of a child who is in kindergarten then you know the type of school papers that the teacher sends home. You've all seen them. They go up on the fridge for a few days until the next one comes home.

Despite my smarmy tone of the opening sentences, I'm very proud of the work that Caroline is doing. Last week they were working on the capital letter N. Since then she's been spelling her name CaroliNe. Kind of cool.

Also last week they had some special visitors to their class. Some of the University of Tennessee Volunteer football players. I don't know who set it up or exactly what the purpose was, but this came home in her school bag...

We have:
Corey Miller, #80 - freshman DE
Myles McKee, #18 - freshman QB
J. M. B???, ?
Chase Ketron, #8, freshman DB
Brent Slusher, #89, senior TE
Jacques Smith, #55, freshman DE

I'm stumped by the J.M.B. auto.

This will end up in Caroline's kindergarten scrapbook.