Monday, December 27, 2010

More Assembly Required

Here's another punchout card thingo.  It is a car for the WizKids game, Race Day.  This is the 2005 edition.

They came in packs, with a small track.  You rolled dice and raced your car against your opponent's car.  I have no clue if it was at all realistic.  I highly doubt it.

Although I purchased a pack or two many years ago, I never actually played it.  I did assemble the #20 Home Depot Tony Stewart.  It still sits on my bedroom window sill.

The game had two seasons, 2005 and 2006.  Then WizKids discontinued it.  From what I understand they have removed all references to the game from their website.  More info can be found at Board Game Geeks.

Collectible?  Sure.  Is there really a market for this stuff?  Probably not.

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