Monday, June 21, 2010

Milestone Contest Winners announced

So, after eight entries and a weekend full of fun, I've decided to select the winner and toss the others into the randomizer to see who wins.

The rules were rather simple. Comment on one of my posts that made you smile. I would choose which one I liked the best.

Let's review...
After reviewing the choices submitted, I decided to toss out Greg's entry. You don't get to be honored and have a chance to win. Besides, I've already got a small stack of cards waiting to go out to him.

That leaves seven entries. Out of these seven, I'll have to go with the Core Contrarian for picking the post that I liked the best. The Soapbox post, to me, stands up even though it was a year ago that I posted it. I like that one a lot.

When I made the rules, I said that the winner would get a Strat-O-Matic computer game for Windows. I have no clue what type of computer Mr. Contrarian uses. If he'd like a board game version of that, I can accommodate him. Being the winner, if he'd like to opt for the books or the cards, I will also allow that.

Now, on to the remaining six entries...
  1. FanOfReds
  2. thesewingmachineguy
  3. Baseball Dad
  4. BA Benny
  5. Play at the Plate
  6. McCann Can Triple
I'll pop the numbers into the's Research Randomizer and tell it to shuffle them three times. The second and third place winners will be the first two numbers in the third set (p13 and p14).

And our consolation winners are:

McCann Can Triple and FanOfReds. I'll be emailing the winners to verify their addresses and prize selection.

Thanks all for playing. Next up will be my five favorite blog entries.

No, I don't think that I get to win anything.

1 comment:

  1. Fun contest. I didn't play, but I liked seeing what other people enjoyed.

    My own fun post would have been the one announcing the contest, with the sly Monty Python reference: "June 19th is right out."

    Makes me want to avoid Holy Hand Grenades, it does.