Thursday, June 10, 2010

Milestone Contest

I'm going to have a contest in honor of a blogging milestone. Mr. Night Owl himself recently crested the thousandth entry mark for his wonderful blog, Night Owl Cards.

I've been blogging about cards for about 17 months or so. I've got about 40 % of the posts that Greg does. But this isn't about numbers. Well, okay, it is. When I say I've got about 40 %, that means I have 401 entries. I took a moment and looked back to from where I started. January 10, 2009. By the end of that month, I posted 26 times. I received just six comments. One was from my dad and one was from someone trying offer me something in exchange for some advertising space.

But I carried on, slugging my way through what I thought was a meaningless pathway of drivel, ready to toss in the towel. Along the way there were some blogs that spoke to me. Greg was one of them. Perhaps because we used to live a few hours from each other. Perhaps because we're about the same age. Perhaps because he's just a good writer. We'll go with that last one. Greg's writing makes me smile. Oh, other bloggers elicit a similar response. You know who you are. This is Greg's post. Get a life.

So, in honor of Greg wasting hours of his life behind the keyboard and hovering over the scanner, I present a contest. But since this is my blog and I hit a much smaller milestone and I'm feeling rather vain this evening, I would like you to let me know which post of mine made you smile. If you want to let Greg know which post of his you enjoyed, you can as well.

Yes, that means you actually have to go back through some of my posts and do a bit of homework. Really, it won't be so terribly awful.

What? You want to know about the prizes? Like this isn't about me? Hah!

Well, before the prizes comes the rules.
  • Comment below with a post or a phrase from my 400 or so entries that made you smile like Willie is smiling in the above photo.
  • The contest will end on Friday, June 18th. Saturday, June 19th is right out.
  • I will select the answer that I like the best. The rest I'll toss into the randomizer for other prizes.
  • I'll ship the prizes out after July 1st. Yeah, I'm slow like that.

Now, the prizes...
  • A computer (Windows) version of Strat-O-Matic's Baseball game.
  • A few baseball books. Semi-decent ones, too.
  • A mess of cards of my choosing. Not your favorite player, not your favorite team. Unless you're lucky.
There. No bonus entries for spreading the word. No guessing the players in a photo. No trying to bribe me. Save that for Gint-A-Cuffs II.


  1. Well, what do I owe you?

    Thanks for appealing to my vain side and making me want to crawl under the table at the same time.

    My favorite posts would be a four-way tie:

    1. The Beethoven bubble gum card post (which I can't find now)
    2. When I got you to say "Debas, Dugas and Bustabad" on video (also appealing to my vain side)
    3. Your unearthing of Dynamite magazine and the cards therein.
    4. Giving us a look at card dealers at the Knoxville card show. That was excellent work.

    Congrats on an always interesting blog!

    Oh, and it's not "wasting hours of my life," it's "therapy." I thought I only had to explain that to my wife.

  2. Well, since we get to be vain tonight...

    I'll say my favorite post was the one where you declared me Gint-a-Cuffs winner for 2009. Now if only this were somehow the best comment I could say I won two contests from the same post.

  3. March 26, 2009. (I know I should link but my cheat sheet is somewhere else)

    I know I should summarize it but would not be able to do it justice.

    Have been a daily visitor since.

    Not much for contests or prizes but rereading the post was my prize.

    A Greg/Night Owl fan as well.

  4. Cool.
    From the November 5 post; "Iron Maiden. Heavy Metal. No, wait. Jethro Tull is Heavy Metal. Just ask the 1989 Grammy voters."

  5. I'm not exactly sure when I started reading your blog.Actually, I think you commented on mine first.So going back to some of your early posts, I like the ones that had links to older baseball card info.Some I knew about, some I didn't.I am always seeking more historical info.I love the history of baseball and cards. Thanks !! I hope to get back to more regular posting myself !

  6. From the Buck O'Neill post "So I met my wife and hit for the cycle on Easter Sunday, 1943. One of the happiest days of my life." Just a plain old feel good story from a legend that can't help but make you smile.

  7. I went back and found an old one, but the best one was from a few days ago.

    First the old one that made me laugh was from the 8/21/09 post titled "Pimping Myself".
    "While I'm plugging stuff, I found out about this via Greg of Lake Effects Baseball Cards. Greg has woken up from his seven week nap and I'm glad about that." I've been considering "taking a nap" blogwise myself so that made me laugh.
    The best one, not a laugh, but a big warm smile was the picture of Luke Sommer and Caroline from June 7, 2010. That is a great picture and if Luke Sommer ever makes it to the big leagues, that's what I'll think of when I hear his name.

  8. I loved the Portraits of Derek Sanderson post. I like everything in it.