Monday, June 14, 2010

1993 Upper Deck Virtual cards

Every so often you hear people say, "My mom threw out my cards." Topps even has an insert set devoted to the topic this year. I'm different. My mom saved my cards. I didn't have that many, but she didn't toss them. In fact, she's been known to add to my collection. She knows that I, like my father, will try and hold on to every scrap of everything that we can. Newspapers. Books. Articles clipped from newspapers. Postcards. Programs. Photos. I think that it is genetic.

A few years back she gave to me a CD that came from a box of cereal. Post brand. I finally got around to opening it. It was a 1993 Upper Deck virtual set of trading cards. I got the NL Central disc.

Pop it in the laptop and it wants to install the RealOne player. I don't think so.

I also had the option to install AOL and get over a thousand hours for free. Again, I'll pass.

Hovering the mouse over a section of the screen opened it up.

Voila. It is disc 5. With the NL Central having 6 teams, I got a bonus card. If I got all 31 virtual trading cards I could receive the actual card set from Upper Deck. I would have had to fork over $4.99 though.

I selected Prince Albert to view.

He is larger. For clarity, I've snapped and snipped just the card images for all six players. Enjoy.

You can still find these on ebay. For now, I think that I'll just stick to the FIFA Panini virtual sticker album.

Thanks, Mom.

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