Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Portraits of Derek Sanderson

This is Derek Sanderson.

Derek was a professional hockey player in the National Hockey League. The 1969-70 hockey season was kind to the Boston Bruins. They won the Stanley Cup that season, defeating the St. Louis Blues.

The 23 year old was not above losing his gloves and engaging his opponents in a bit of fisticuffs. That season he spent 118 minutes in the penalty box.

If you weren't on the other team, those eyes would make you melt inside.

This might have been another reason he spent almost two whole games in the penalty box. Tripping is not allowed in the National Hockey League.

Here, we see Derek contemplating whether or not he should have been involved in tripping. He thinks that it is worth it.

Derek was a decent shooter. That season, playing in only 50 games, he had 18 goals and 23 assists, making him a team player, not a puck hog.

Derek also had a playful side. Here he is, auditioning for the Canadian cast of the Village People. He did not get a call back. And good for Boston, because he returned to the club and helped them win another Stanley Cup in 1971-72.

Another reason that he might not have made the Canadian Village People cast is that he was smooth with the ladies. Austin Powers lifted the term shagadelic from Derek. This was purely based on his choice of floor covering.

The stereo is on and the he's just waiting for his lady friend to arrive. Nothing says, "I've got a swinging bachelor pad" like swords on the wall. And a big painting of toreadors.

She does. Here they sit, listening to The Mystic Moods Orchestra's Mystic Moods of Love.

A quick jaunt to the bedroom. Stripes just don't mesh well with a Jackson Pollock bedspread.

On off days, Derek likes to tend bar. This is well before Sam Malone ever pulled one at Cheers.

When the sun has set, it is just another airport, waiting for another plane to pull away from another terminal, taking him to yet another rink so that he can help his teammates win. Again.

The photos are from the LIFE archives at Google images. In 1970 LIFE photographer Arthur Rickerby took several photos of Derek Sanderson for a story. I am using the photos under the guidelines set forth by Google, specifically: For personal non-commercial use only.

The frame was lifted from The Chicago Conservation Center's website without permission.

Information on Derek Sanderson's hockey career was taken from the wonderful

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