Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Horror from Arkansas

A package arrived late last week. From Arkansas. I grabbed my biggest butcher knife and slashed it open to find the following...

--David, from Tribecards (and some other words and things, including some sort of Michael Jackson fetish) sent these.

Nuclear Assault. Can't say as I've heard of them. Apparently they were spawned from the band Anthrax.

A Fun Stuff card of Mr. Big Moustache.

Nobody kills Apollo Creed and doesn't have to answer to Rocky. I couldn't decide if this was Rocky 4 or Rocky IV (Intravenous).

Skid Row. Always good when glam-metal reaches for the acoustic guitar.

Mr. Calhoun reminded me that South Carolina would be playing the University of Tennessee in football on Halloween. They were ranked 22, I think. I don't think that they held onto that position.

Iron Maiden. Heavy Metal. No, wait. Jethro Tull is Heavy Metal. Just ask the 1989 Grammy voters.

Towasaurus Wrex. Monster Truck. Halloween. Monsters. I get it.

A Fun Stuff card of No Hair guy. He should be benched.

A Cindy Lauper sticker card. I loved her on Mad About You. She won an Emmy, you know. She's so unusual.

That's the recap. Thanks --David. I'm scared.

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  1. Keep Gary moving! I had one of those once upon a time!