Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Entry For Punk Rock Paint's Contest

I thought that I'd give the contest that Travis is having over at Punk Rock Paint. History tells me that I shouldn't, as I'm still patiently waiting for my last contest winnings from that ne'er-do-well.

The basic premise of the contest is that Travis has presented 14 cards and the entrants are to put them in order. He has defined cards #1 and #14. We get to try and figure out a method to his madness. If you don't want to scroll down to the end, let me cut to the punchline.

There is no method.

But, I'll do what I can.

Card #1 - Mick Jagger

Clearly this card set is about the Rolling Stones. Why not start with Mick? Well, it was already predetermined. Most of the cards relate directly to an event or an individual, so I'm listing them chronologically. Makes sense to me.

Card #2 (g.)

Robert C. Moore wrote a book about Niagara Falls. The Stone House Diaries. Reviewers have said, "Robert Moore's story is woven into the rich and beautiful landscape that is Niagara." The novel reaches back a few centuries. For a moment, I thought that Travis was going green and this was a reference to the Stones' long time drummer. Niagara Falls > Hydroelectric > Bajillions of watts > Charlie Watts. Yeah, a bit of a stretch, but this is where I'm starting off. It doesn't get any better than this.

Card #3 (i.)

Memphis Sounds. There's only a few sounds from Memphis. Elvis. Bits of pork being slurped off ribs. And the Stax Records house band (most notably: Cropper, Dunn, and Jackson). But this isn't about them. This card set is about the Stones. The Stones played Memphis, Tennessee in 1963. It shows up on the Beat, Beat, Beat at the Beeb release.

Card #4 (j.)

1963 also brought about the Canadian television show, The Forest Rangers. They had an episode called, "The Rolling Stones".

This was another tricky one. Chuck Leavell, keyboardist for the Stones "feels the harmony between himself and the American forest". This is from some interview. Tree hugger.

Card #5 (h.)

Another stumper. What does Chris Snee have to do with the Stones? One of Chris's nicknames is "The Crocodile". Work with me here. Mick Taylor played guitar with the Stones from 1969 to 1974-ish. Before that Mick worked with John Mayall. John Mayall had a 1964 single called Crocodile Walk. Isn't wikipedia great?

Card #6 (b.)

Staying on the nicknames... Big Mac. Man of Steroids. Nope, I got nothing. It isn't the player, it is the city that hosts the team. One of the more legendary bootlegs of all time is the Stones' LIVEr Than You'll Ever Be. And where was it recorded? Oakland. November of 1969.

Card #7 (e.)

Could this be a reference to a song title? Angel of the Morning? No, that's Juice Newton. Angel? Pearl Jam. The other Angel song? Jimi Hendrix. What about the Stones's songs, Sweet Black Angel and Angel in my Heart? Probably not. I'll go with the Hell's Angels, reported to be security for the Stones at the Altamont Music Festival in December of 1969.

Card #8 (c.)

This is an interesting one. According to the wiki page for Billy North... "However, on September 20, in a loss to the Minnesota Twins, North tripped over first base; the resulting ankle sprain not only cost him the American League stolen base title (his 53 steals placed him second, only one behind Tommy Harper), it also sidelined him for the remainder of the season and cost him the chance to play in the post-season."

"tripped over first base". This can only be a reference to the 1976 film, The Man Who Fell To Earth. Or more specifically, David Bowie. Travis must be pointing to that (alleged) special relationship that Mick and David shared in the early 1970s.

Card #9 (d.)

Another Chris Snee card. That means another nick name. We'll go with Baby Daddy. No, I don't know how he got that one. But, in the Stones's 1976 song, Fool To Cry, we find these lyrics...

Daddy you're a fool to cry
Oh, I love you so much baby
you're a fool to cry

Card #10 (l.)

Earl Gros. Played for Green Bay, New Orleans. Pittsburgh. Philadelphia. Almost sounds like part of Dancing in the Streets, but I've used up my David Bowie quotient today.

The Stones played six shows at Earls Court Arena in May on their tour of Europe in 1976.

See, we're up into the mid 70's. Slight clouds overnight. Might want to wear a coat to work in the morning.

Card #11 (a)

Wayne Rollins was called The Basketball Kid. No connection. But, his uncle, Sonny Rollins, played sax on Waiting on a Friend from the album, Tattoo You. 1981. Works for me.

Card #12 (f.)

Another nickname. Hands of Stone. At first, I thought that it was a reference to The Boxer. Garfunkel wanted to have the song done as a bluesy rock ballad, with the Stones backing instrumentally. Simon would have nothing to do with it. This bitter disagreement led to their break up. Fortunately they patched things up long enough to do the Concert in Central Park.

This card does not need to be chronologically entered as it is a special insert card.

Card #13 (k.)

A Rolling Stone gathers no Moss. Another insert card. Enough said.

Card #14 - Piece of History: Email

I don't need to justify the order of this card, as Travis predestined it.


Sorry I wasted your time with this one.


  1. Wow!! You put way more thought into yours than I did into mine. Nice job.

  2. Awesome! Not correct, but awesome none the less!

    As a prize for your effort, I may just have to send you your previous contest winnings... eventually.

  3. "See, we're up into the mid 70's. Slight clouds overnight. Might want to wear a coat to work in the morning."

    Re-read this post today. Diet Coke through the nose on to keyboard. How did I miss this greatness last time?

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