Thursday, February 4, 2010

This is better than Disneyland!

I don't often get card packages in the mail. Normally people don't gush over my site and send me all the Hershisers that they have.

But dayf isn't normal.

Today, I got bipped.

Yup, nothing like it.

Like Night Owl, I, too, received a special 1 of 1 bip card.

Greg tried to warn me. I did everything I could, but Caroline was sick this week and I couldn't move out of the house in time.

And nine of these bad boys.

And three of these.

Seven 1991 Donruss OH's.

Six 1998 Collector's Choice OH's.

Six 1987 Topps OH's.

A small smattering of single OH's.

And a letter explaining it all...
Along with the sweet note, dayf sent 13 cards that I needed for my 1989 Topps set. I'm now two cards away from completion.

And in the middle of the Hershisers was wedged this beauty...

2006 UD SP Legendary Cuts, Legendary Materials, Fergie Jenkins relic card,
(card # LM-FJ) numbered 002/199

A note said that it was "some sweet to go with the sour". I'm not sure what "sour" dayf was talking about. In the bip package were two Orel cards that I didn't have. Go figure.

Thanks, dayf. I'll be getting a package ready for you soon.

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  1. Nice job on the 89s - I'm actually collecting them as well and am only 4 base cards short - who will win hahaha.

    But I'm commenting because I have one of two cards you need, the #161 Gregg Olson. So if you'd like it (plus some other stuff) then I could hook you up.