Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowls

In honor of the Super Bowl, I created a card.

I don't remember this Super Bowl. I do remember Super Bowl V. The Cowboys and the Colts. I was conflicted on which team to root for. I made a pennant with the Cowboys on one side and the Colts on the other. I taped it to a thin bamboo cane and spent the game waving it around.

I also remember the Dolphins of Super Bowl VIII. Not watching the game, but going on an errand with my mom. She had to go visit somebody. I was begging to have the game turned on so that I could see some of it.

The church we attended was next door to a Pontiac dealership. The dealership was next door to a small AM radio station. Before evening church started and right after it was over my brother and I would rush over to find out the score.

I had moved to the Chicago area the season that da Bears won Super Bowl XX. Talk about fun.

After I got married, my dear wife and I would join a few other families and watch the game, commercials, and halftime shows. Those were good times.

This year we're hosting the party. A few couples from church are coming over. Our teenage children will be having their own party at church. Caroline will go to bed about 7:30.

We'll try to keep it down.

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