Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympics, baby!

I was quite moved by the Opening Ceremonies last evening. The technical aspects (rigging and projectors) were fantastic. The choreography and backing music was nice. I wasn't crazy about k.d. lang or the Olympic hymn, but overall, I really liked it. Sure, one of the columns didn't rise out of the floor at the end, but, hey, stuff happens. I really thought (and was hoping) that Gretzky would use his torch as a hockey stick and send a fiery puck into the cauldron.

I was saddened by the death of Georgian Olympian Nodar Kumaritashvili. He should (and will) be remembered and honored for representing his country.

I got a good draw over at JD's Wild Cardz. He's hosting the Olympicspalooza contest.


All time leader in Medals won at the Winter Olympics. They've faded a bit at the last Olympics, but they're still a good team.

In a Last Second Special plea to fill the slots, I was able to get one more country. Or two, depending how you view B&H.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

They've got five athletes. Average age is about 20. All skiers. One with a gun. I don't think that she's got enough experience to make it to the NBA. As far as I know, they have never won a medal at a Winter Olympics, although 26 years ago they did host the XIV Winter Olympic Games.

I was poking around the official Olympics website and found that they are selling some signed memorabilia on ebay. Here are some of the signed cards.

Lyndon Rush signed Bobsleigh card

Hayley Wickenheiser signed Ice Hockey card

Melissa Hollingsworth signed Skeleton card

Ben Hebert signed Curling card

Check out the Official Vancouver 2010 Auction ebay store. The starting prices on these cards are less than $1, US. I was already to bid on some and then I started to think about shipping. Hold on to your tuques. Shipping is $19.90 to the States. I didn't see anything about combining shipping. Also, no PayPal allowed. Because the Olympics have a partnership with Visa, that is the only payment option.

Go Norway. Go Bosnia and Herzegovina. Go Olympians.


  1. Being an on-card auto collector, these a relevant to my interests. *rubs chin* Shipping is pretty steep though.

  2. Wow...those look cool. If they were baseball cards I'd be drooling.