Thursday, February 11, 2010

I play with dolls

No, not really. But I do have a few baseball figures. Early last year I found this 1990 Starting Lineup Orel Hershiser figure. The tag says $6.00, but it was on the half off table at a local card shop.

On the same table was this Rickey Henderson, except that this tag says $4.00.

A few Christmases back, my wife's cousin's husband gave me this McFarlane figure of Pedro wearing the Expos jersey.

To compliment it I found this mini bobblehead of Pedro for a quarter.

So, they are all MIB. Mint In Box. Technically, yes. But some of the boxes are a bit rough. 20 years have not been kind to the plastic on Orel's box. It probably isn't the plastic, rather the adhesive keeping the plastic stuck to the cardboard.

Speaking of cardboard, there are two Hershiser cards under that plastic. I think that they want to be freed. They want to see my scanner and then my binder. I'm not so attached to this piece that it needs to stay intact.

So, dear readers, what should I do. Free the cards and little Orel or keep them imprisoned in their two decade prison of plastic?

I think I'll leave the McFarlane Pedro in the box for right now. I'll release the mini bobblehead Pedro and I might offer the SLU Rickey up for a contest prize. Now, just to think of a contest.


  1. Nice pick up... I'd say... pop it open... I have over 20 of them opened & displayed on my book shelves. There are a few that I have kept in the package... but those are the ones I spent a lot of $$$ on... like my 94 Favre & 93 Jordan.

  2. That's a tough decision. Having been in the antiques/collectible biz all my life, part of me said keep it in the box. However, those packages look pretty rough and yellowed... I'd probably free 'em.

  3. Drop the knife (after you have released the cards) and walk slowly toward the scanner.

  4. When I first saw the Oral package I thought "man, I hope he opens them up!" If I were you I'd free them up and play wit.. I mean display them.

  5. If they could talk, they would probably say the same thing those museum piece toys in Toy Story 2 said: "Let me out". That said, once out, they started to run away and get on planes and stuff and you can't have that.