Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2003 UD Play Ball 1941 Reprints

Everybody's doing reprints. Just yesterday it seemed like Bowman was doing them. Now Upper Deck is horning in on the action.

There are 25 in this set compared to the 72 cards originally issued.

I picked these up for about a dime a piece at the Antique Mall in south Knoxvegas. Originals can run hundreds of dollars for a quality card. I can live with my expense.

card #R-10, originally 15

card #R-14, originally 51

card #R-15, originally 56

card #R-20, originally 24

card #R-21, originally 36


  1. These were part of the 2003 Upper Deck Playball set. The 2009 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards lists them as: Reprint Series Original 1941.

  2. Gonna have to find me some of these. :)