Saturday, April 4, 2009

A walk down Memory Lane

Memory Lane, Inc., that is.  MLI is an auction house of fine sports cards and memorabilia.  I received the catalog for their current acution in the middle of this week.  I'm just now getting around to posting about it.  The auction ends today, Saturday, at 8pm, EST.  I know that doesn't give you much time to register and bid.  Sorry.

The catalog has 162 pages, mostly baseball, but other sports and non-sports are represented.  Want signed checks from the Beatles?  They've got them.  Want that 1914 Baltimore News Ruth?  They've got it.  A 1971 Willie Mays Game Used Bat?  They've got it.  You'll find something that you'll like in at least one of the 1,022 lots they're offering.  Presidential signature to gangster signatures.  1964 Leaf the Munsters  Unopened Wax Box.  Many tobacco cards.  A 1965 Gilligan's Island #49 (PSA 9 Mint).  They've got it all.

Now, for nit-picky time.  Their editing was a tad sloppy.  A hard retun in the middle of the two digits of a two digit number.  Example:
56, 7
1, 89.
are cards #56, 71 and 89.

Quite a few missing apostrophes.  Many "Wow! You've got to bid on this one" type of copy.  No, this isn't the end of the world, but I feel that I have to give my honest opinion.  Both of my readers would expect no less.

In comparing this catalog to REA or a Huggins & Scott catalog, I'd have to say that MLI might be catering to a slightly different audience.  My first impression of the MLI catalog is "Sham-Wow!".  Giving it another look over, I'd say that I was wrong on my first impression.  They do a very nice job presenting what they have.  I won't be bidding, as many of the items are currently well over my monthly mortgage payment.

I'd invite you to look at MLI's website, request a catalog for their next auction.  It costs nothing and is a joy to peruse.

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  1. do they have an east coast slant to their auction ? looking at the three rookie cards on the bottom of the page; two Met and one Red Sox card ? might be an interesting read for a cold snowy day . . . but I live in florida and have none of those. I will stick to their website thanks and keep dreaming. They do have some very unique items.