Friday, July 11, 2014

My apologies to Jake and Elwood

Last night I returned from my baseball road trip. Over a thousand miles, four guys, two extra inning games in less than 41 hours.

We headed north to Cleveland and saw Texiera knock out two HRs to beat the Indians.  This is the view from our seats.

Since this is technically still a sports card blog I probably should show something that one can collect, besides memories.

Cards and more cards.  And tee shirts.  And bobble heads.

The Alumni Players Association was having a silent auction.  I didn't bid, but if I had money to blow I would have bid on these next two items.

But I would have made them correct the spelling of his name on the bid form.

The next day we sauntered on down to Cincinnati to see the Cubs beat the Reds in extra innings.

And nothing says being at a ball park than oversized fiberglass restaurant mascots.

I've got many more photos and much more to show and talk about.  That will come later.


  1. This is why I want to live closer to the East Coast...The closest ballpark to Rangers Ballpark is the Kauf in KC. The trip looks like it was a blast!

  2. I love that shot of Great American. It's a view you don't get on TV.

  3. I get the feeling you'll be adding to your Hershiser collection soon...