Friday, July 25, 2014

Goodbye for now

Call this a "state of the blog" post, a "milestone" post, a "hanging my hat up for a bit" post. Call it whatever you'd like.  I just thought I'd let you know where I'm at.

Like most of you, I'm busy.  Life makes demands on our time.  Our interests wax and wane.

Enough talking in general.  I'm busy.  I'm finding that I have less time.  I'm easily distracted by small shiny objects.  To that end, I'm going to step away from this blog.  For a while.  It might be weeks, it might be months.

At the first part of the year I put forth some goals.  I'm not even going to go back and specifically recall them.  You know the type.  Post more.  Trade more.  Follow more.  Leave more comments.  Get organized.  I've done that.  Well, maybe not trade more.  Until today I was on track to probably have the second or third best year of my blogging career (if by best I mean the sheer number of posts).   But it isn't a numbers game.

Well, a bit of it is.  This is post number 1,000.  No contests.  No flashy banners.  Nothing.  Just a noting of a significant number.

"But Mark, what will you do with those minutes a day you spent posting?", you might be asking.

I'll tell you.  I'm shedding the self imposed weight of trying to keep up with the Joneses.  Of trying to be witty all the time.  I'm going to focus on some historical baseball research.  Right now I'm in the final steps of formatting the transcription of the 1945 Appy League stats to turn in to the SABR Minor League Stats committee.  I've got a keen interest in the 1920 Negro League World Series between the Chicago American Giants and the Knoxville Giants.  I'm going to read.  I'm going to spend more time with my family.

Now, please don't think that I haven't been researching or reading.  That I have been ignoring my family.  I haven't.  But my plate was full.  This is the time for me to push back from the table.

"But Mark, are you leaving for good?"

Nope.  I still have games to share, trade packages to post, Listia winnings to annoy you with.  I'm going to try to make this the best season ever of Gint-A-Cuffs.  I'll still be seeking to complete the first series of the 1971 Topps set.  I just picked up three team sets of the Tennessee Smokies.  I know you're dying to see them.  I just won't be showing them to you for a while.

Here's one thing I did want to show you.  My first 1/1 card.  And my very first real bribe for Gint-A-Cuffs.  Spankee, from My Cardboard Mistress, sent it my way.  There's an interesting story behind him obtaining it, but that is his story to tell.  Thanks, Spankee.

2009 Press Pass Fusion
Orel Hershiser (card # 4) #'d 1/1

So, as you finish reading this, don't tear your clothes and look for ashes to put on your face.  Know that I will return.  Someday.

And of course, I couldn't have blogged these last 5 and a half years without you, my readers.  I've made some good internet friendships and trading partners.  I won't name them as I'm sure to forget someone.  Thank you, one and all.

Please keep on blogging about cards and the hobby.  I'll need to read something.


  1. It's always fun reading your blog, Mark. The blogosphere will be here whenever you want to return. Best of luck on your research!

  2. Damn one less blog to read. It was a good one too...

  3. Sad to see you go, always enjoyed your blog and insight, but I certainly understand and have grappled with some of the same things myself lately. Best of luck in anything you pursue!

  4. Not to try to talk you out of it, Mark, but you could always use this blog to share some of your SABR research interests that don't turn into a full-fledged SABR project...or at least to share some of the side stories you encounter in doing your main research. I know Bob Lemke does that sometimes, and it is always entertaining.

    In any event, the blogosphere will be poorer for you taking a break.

  5. Rats. I have cards ready to send you. I better see them written up in some form somewhere. Maybe you can send a newsletter to me.

  6. I have a few more 71's headed your way. Take care. Always enjoy reading

  7. So we'll be seeing more of you over at the bullpen then?

  8. A thousand posts - that's significant. No complaints here for you deciding what's important. Hard choice - the adoring public always wants more. Thanks for sharing, and I'll see you around.

  9. I'm at that same crossroad. I've been super busy with work, enjoying spending more time with my family (especially my daughters) and when I do find time to blog I find myself on my toy blog instead. Other than the newly released A&G, I haven't had much desire to chase cardboard.

    Have fun and I'm sure there will be plenty waiting to embrace you if and when you come back.

  10. Enjoy your time in the "off season!" I've done it, too. Just remember, one day you'll get a messages that simply reads: "The Hobby Misses You." :-)

  11. Always enjoy reading your blog! Congrats on 1000 posts! Best of luck to you and we'll all be here when you come back. Take care!