Sunday, December 16, 2012

Embossed Show Cards

I was looking around ebay last night and came across some cards I've never seen before.

Here's the description from one of the ebay auctions:
From 1997 to 2003, Pacific Trading Cards attended sports collectibles shows and offered collectors an opportunity to open a pack of Pacific cards at their booth and get one of the cards embossed with a special logo that was created just for the show. The die was destroyed afterwards. They did this at about 70 different shows throughout North America (U.S. & Canada). They can be very difficult to find and the quantity available for any particular card/player is unknown. Since collectors could get any Pacific card embossed, including other sports, it's very possible that some are 1/1's!

The card being offered here was embossed at the 1997 San Francisco Labor Day Card Show. The pictures are of the actual card up for bid. Since the embossed logo does not show up well in a scan, I have included photos which better show the actual embossing. Additionally, I have included an image of the artwork used for the logo at this particular show.
Although interesting, I don't think that I'll be chasing after these.

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  1. I have an Owen Nolan (hockey) card embossed from one of these shows. Once upon a time, I collected everything of him... so I had to have this card when I found it. It's just another reason, I don't ever plan on being a super-collector again.