Friday, December 14, 2012

Baseball Art by Art

Several years back I met a street musician in Madison, Wisconsin.  Art Paul Schlosser.  Art Paul is not just a a musician, he's also an artist.  We've stayed in touch over the years, mostly through facebook.  At the end of November he posted one of his paintings.

Winter Baseball
acrylic on canvas
It really caught my eye.  I asked him if I could share this and could he tell me a bit about it.  Here's his answer:

When I was young I was a big baseball fan. We used play in my back yard and I collected baseball cards. I used to enjoy the free bubble gum that came with each pack.Well some of the cards mentioned that some of the players would also play winter baseball. I was having a couple of winter art-shows and I made one of the snowmen and some snow-people paintings and one of them sold so I was thinking if I did more. So in doing more I thought how about one about winter baseball. I painted it with acrylic on canvas and it is either 10 inches by 10 inches or 12 inches by 12 inches. 

Take Spock Out To The Ballgame
marker on paper
She Was A Good Sport
acrylic (or oil) on canvas

I did an interview with him last year, if you're interested.  He's a character.  You should be interested.

You can find Art Paul on facebook.  Or you can email him: imaprince2001 AT yahoo DOT com

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