Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weekly Roundup, or what I've been doing lately

New-York Daily Tribune - April 15, 1899

Ah, the sweetness that is Opening Day.  A time for beginnings. A time for things to stay the same.  A time for change.  Baseball is like that.

I thought that this year Tony Campana would be starting for the Cubs.  Nope.  They optioned him to AAA Iowa.  He stole 24 out of 26 attempts last year in 95 games for the Cubs.  I really imagined he'd have a spot.  I guess Theo knows more about baseball than I do.

I purchased MLB's At Bat 12 for my Kindle Fire.  I moved an access point at work into my building so that I got better coverage.  The other guy that was using it took a sick day.  You snooze, you lose.  Hey, that's one of the benefits of being a system administrator.

I applied for media credentials for the Tennessee Smokies.  Hope to hear back from them soon.

While tooling around I stumbled on the Early Baseball Memory site. Much to my surprise and delight I found that I'm mentioned there a few times.  A few years back I was an active part of SABR's 19th Century discussion group. I must have added some things that were worthwhile.

As I type this I've got the Dodgers/Padres game on TV.  Nice to hear Vin Scully. I love the cadence of the good announcers.  Telling a story, coming back to the pitch count, resuming the story.  Seamless.

I came across a tweet from @jimmyleiderman about his new blog, The New York Clipper.  If you like great research on old baseball (and some cricket), visit and follow.

New-York Daily Tribune - April 13, 1899
To the disappointment of some I've switched the team that I root for. I've always had a liking for the Nationals. More accurately I've been a fan of the Expos. Then Selig & Co. tried to destroy them. Somehow they survived and morphed into the Nats. I've stuck with them, but now I'm switching teams. I'm now rooting for the Cubs. It makes sense to me. The Smokies are the AA team for them. The players that I've watched at Smokies Stadium over the last few years are now coming of age. Many of them are with the Cubs. This doesn't mean that I'm going to start collecting Cubs cards, just that I'll be following them a bit closer than I have before.

Oh, and a big shout out to Topher over at Crackin Wax and to Matthew over at the Number 5 Type Collection.  I was involved with some card giveaways.  I selected cards from the Diamondbacks to be delivered to my father.  He received the packages and is greatly pleased.  Thanks, guys.

Now, on to the season.

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  1. Great, glad the Dbacks arrived safely! My stepdad would say watch out for the Cubs, they'll only break your heart...again...and again. :-)