Saturday, April 21, 2012


So, yesterday was the big kickoff to the 100 years of baseball at Fenway Park.
Boston Evening Transcript - April 18, 1912

"So, young missy, would you like me to take you to see the Highlanders take on our Red Sox in the new baseball park?"

"The Highlanders?  I thought that they were called the Yankees."

"Only by some.  Or perhaps you'd like to go to the Gaiety and catch the Robinson Crusoe Girls.  This Friday only."

"You slay me.  Stop.  I would so love to see that Personal Reminiscences of a Bird Man at the Tremont Temple."

"Not the Red Sox, then?"

"No, I think that it will be a passing fad."

I wrote up a short piece about the different names of the New York team of 1912 yesterday over at Baseball Nuggets.

Other interesting mentions of yesteryear that came across my computer screen this week...

White Besty is a blog that looks at the authenticity and provenience of various baseball related artifacts.   Sort of like Hauls of Shame, but a bit different.

The weekly SABR electronic newsletter alerted me to a new baseball history and card blog.  K's, Cards, and Things.  Jonathan has a nice post about the M-101 series of cards.  That entry and his others deserve reading.

That's it for now.  Look, it was either this or some 1991 Hoby SEC Star cards.  Happy now?

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