Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Play at the Plate

Oh, you were expecting Brian?  Nope.

Maybe this?

Nope. What you get is this:

1989 Sports Impressions
The Sports Superstars Collector Plate Series
Orel Hershiser by Joseph Catalano

I found this little (just over 4" wide) gem on Listia.  I had to pay for the shipping, but it is a nice addition to my collection.  The seller tossed in quite a few Hershiser cards.  It was a nice gesture, but I have all of them.  Anyone collect him?  Anyone?

I came across the "Two Sides" photos in the June 11, 1942 issue of The Sporting News.  You know what else I found there?  Well, besides a paragraph about Pat McGlothin tossing his first no-hitter.  And technically that story was in the next issue.  First, the no-no article because I'm doing a bit of research on Pat.  And yes, they spelled his name wrong.  No L in McGlothin.

The Sporting News - June 18, 1942 (page 12)

Now, for the next 'find'.  More stylized drop capital letters.  I first came across these last year.  This is what they look like in their natural environment.
The Sporting News - June 11, 1942

The elusive V and Y.

And then there were three.  Q, X, and Z are still out there.


  1. If you want to send me the Hershiser cards and there's one in there that I need, then I'll send you back that Hershiser card I showed that you need.

    Sorry, I don't have any Pat McGlothin cards.

  2. Nice find with the twin pix. Almost a Matrix event.

    The Hershiser plate? Umm, colorful. May look better in person.

    Congrats on finding more drop caps. Doing a quick look around, Sporting News looks to be stuck inside PaperOfRecord.com, a pay site. I guess I've gotten too used to Google making everything free. Well, "free". I did locate somebody who noticed you collecting the cool images: http://agatetype.typepad.com/agate_type/2011/02/the-abcs-of-baseball.html