Thursday, December 22, 2011

They Might Be Giants

No, they are Giants.

At the same card shop that I picked up the gently loved Yaz I also picked up a pair of 1964 Topps Giants.  I know that everyone's favorite Troll collects this set.  I've sent him a few from his wantlist.  I didn't have quick access to that list, so I bought them for a buck each, hoping he'd need them.  He's got them already.

Then I realized that Matthew from the Number 5 Type Collection blog might not have the Milt Pappas.  I was wrong.  He's got it.  I should have known.  But this one is wonderfully miscut.  Has to be a rare error 1 of 1.

1964 Topps Giants
Milt Pappas (card # 5)

1964 Topps Giants
Ed Brinkman (card # 27)

I do like this set, but not enough to want to start to collect it.  I do like the narrative backs as opposed to just stats.  And they're giants, so as not to feel that you're going to crush them in your hands.  And they're vintagey.  Can't go wrong with that.


  1. Mark, Thanks for thinking of me with those Giants... Ya can't go wrong for a buck, especially with that super rare special cut Pappas 1/1. Ya did good!

  2. The tiny sliver below your card is #12 Al Kaline, based on scans from the Virtual Card Collection. _giant.html

    Seeing 5 above 12 makes me wonder how they laid out the printing sheet...

  3. If that Brinkman is available for trade, it would fit nicely into my Senators collection.